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Radonmeasurement and -mitigation

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Radon is a natural, radioactive noble gas which occurs practically everywhere and which gathers in different concentrations in buildings. Radon accounts for around 50% of the natural radiation exposure of humans and is the second most common cause of lung cancer.

As a Radon specialist, I advise you on Radon risks, carry out Radon measurements and, if necessary, plan Radon mitigation/remediation measures.

My tasks:                 - Advice on the requirements of German StlrSchG and StrlSchV

- Creation of measurement concepts

- Analyzes and measurements

- Assessment / assessment of measurement results

- Expert reports, statements and recommendations

- Planning and implementation of radon remediation

Target groups:         - private and public building owners

- planners and construction companies

- landlords and tenants

- employers and safety specialists

Radon measurement and remediation


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The above figure from the Federal Office for Radiation Protection shows the natural Radon activity concentrations that are present in the soil in the various regions of Germany.

These give an indication of where a higher / lower Radon potential is likely to be expected, but the real Radon content in a building depends on many other factors, not least the permeability of the soil and the construction of a building.

Therefore, even in areas with below-average radon levels in the soil air, above-average levels of Radon can occur in buildings and vice versa.

A Radon measurement is the only sure way to find out, we will be happy to advise you and carry out such measurements for you!